Hats and big hair are no problem! But be aware that your end product may be larger than the original size you ordered.  We do this to ensure that we are providing a consistent face size.  We don't want anyone to end up with a tiny face.

Here is an example of one of our favorite types of photos; a happy graduate! 

For a photo like this our team first sets the size of the subject's head to the size ordered.  If you ordered a 24" BigHead this dimension will be 24".

Next we add additional height for anything on top of the subject's head. 

Finally we use any of  size remaining to allow for hair below the chin.  

When your 24" BigHead arrives it can be up to 36" tall with the extra room for the cap and hair!

Here are the maximum sizes that we will produce our BigHeads at:

12" Face on a Stick - Up to 18" x 18"

24" BigHead - Up to 26" x 38"

36" BigHead - Up to 35" x 53"

47" BigHead - up to 47" x 70.5"